Meet Melissa

Welcome to EVOLVE by Melissa! I developed EVOLVE in order to provide individualised/Goal-Oriented/Personal Training services using a convenient/user-friendly ONLINE interface at a much lower cost than your typical Personal Training services. I have had years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry as a top Personal Trainer; Strength and Conditioning Coach for adults, youth and professional athletes; Crossfit Coach; High School Volleyball Coach; Athlete at the Collegiate level and Recreational level; Crossfit Asia Regional Athlete; and most importantly Mom of 2. With a fortitude of experience in programming and coaching for all fitness levels and a Masters in Science, whatever your goals may be, we can work together to create a program that is personalized to help you reach those goals. Just like anything in life, Health and Fitness is a journey and I will be there to support you, motivate you and help you to reach the results you have been searching for. 



PHONE: +852 9855 5366

EVOLVE by Melissa

An online personal trainer can help you reach your health and fitness goals with all the convenience of training in your own home, gym or other personal space. EVOLVE specializes in personalizing your fitness journey to make sure the time and effort you put into your health is helping you get closer to reaching your goals. I work with clients globally, so no matter where you live, I can help you achieve your fitness goals. 

One important thing to know is that you are working directly with ME. I do not have automated systems. Every single program is made for you directly by me, and I will be the one that will be reviewing the information from your initial consultation and personally developing the program that will help you get to your goals. This enables me to work with each unique client and cater their workouts and nutrition according to their needs. 

My personal philosophy combines scientifically proven methods for program development along with education to help you reach your goals. I will help to keep you accountable through an interactive calendar where we will work together to schedule in each of your weekly sessions. 

I take pride in making the online experience interactive, easy to use, simple to follow, and full of all the information you need to be successful. Beyond a high quality of service on par with anything you'll receive face to face, the biggest benefits to you are convenience and savings. The cost for online services are significantly lower than those for face to face services, and you can complete the process from anywhere you want--at the gym, at home, at your office, or on the road!

Once you have decided that online training is for you, I will email you an invite to create a unique login to the EVOLVE by Melissa App. This App can be used on your mobile phone or desktop anywhere/anytime. You will then be prompted to fill out the initial consult form providing me with information regarding training experience, goals, equipment availability, time allowance, interests and any medical history. Once I have received this form, I will create your personalized program within 2-3 days and schedule our first Skype/Facetime call to go through the program and any questions you may have. From there, I will be with you at all times working with you to schedule your workouts, checking in to see how you are progressing, motivtaing you and answering any questions regarding the program and/or movement analysis with the in-app messaging system. Head on over to PACKAGES now to see which is the right fit for you.